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About Good Times

Sharing our experiences since 1986

We love sharing our adventures in the High Rocky Mountains of Colorado!

Good Times Adventures was founded in 1986 and we started out humbly. Back then we were operating out of an old trailer located a few miles down Tiger Road from our current location. We had a staff of a couple office folks, maybe 5 guides and a small fleet of 20 older, mismatched snowmobiles. It was a good start.

In 1994 Good Times moved to our current location at the end of Tiger Road and into a real building, indoor plumbing and all! Our staff grew to fill the new space -about 6 people on the phones and doing check-ins, and our guide staff swelled to around 14. We were now running a mix of 40 newer snowmobiles and expanding our trail system with help from the US Forest Service. That same year we teamed up with the dog sledding kennel, owned by John, a long-time Breckenridge resident, and he increased our family substantially with the addition of their awesome crew!

The Best Equipment!

Along came 1998 and the previous owners decided to move on. The current owners, a local family, took on the Good Times business and quickly started improving on what we already had in place. Gone were the days of the old snowmobiles, now we had 80-100 new ones brought in each season. Over the next couple of years, our family grew a bit here-and-there, and our trails expanded even more to encompass the 40+ miles that we run today. We also brought in a SnowCat to groom the trails, keeping things smooth and safe!

A New Start

In April of 2008, we had to start rebuilding our facilities after an accident completely destroyed our lodge. If you visited us the following Christmas season you will recall that we were running the whole show out of a wedding tent in our parking lot as we eagerly awaited the completion of our new lodge. That was an interesting time for us! January of 2009 we moved into our new building and got settled in. At the same time, we added a huge garage on the property to maintain our snowmobiles, vans, and the SnowCat. Good Times was back and better than ever!

Our Backyard!

Today we are a family of around 30 office staff, drivers, trail crew, dog sled, and snowmobile guides! We come from all over the country with all sorts of backgrounds and stories, drawn to the mountains by a shared love of the outdoors, great friends, and a strong sense of community here in the mountains. One of the greatest parts of being out here at Good Times is having the chance to share what we have found with others and show folks around our “backyard”! We hope to see you and yours out on trail with us soon!

The Team

Skylar McMahon

November 22, 2022
This was an amazing experience. The dogs were playful and energetic! Great snow covered views throughout the trails. Again, this was a wonderful time.

Nicole Harlow

July 24, 2022
We went for a summer kennel tour and had such a great time! We really enjoyed meeting all the dogs and learning about how they train. Highly recommend!

Michelle Levine

July 23, 2022

Robert Robertson

July 19, 2022
We called too late to get a spot on a dog-pulled cart, but were able to go on the 1-hour tour. Learned a lot & got to pet a lot of Siberian Huskies! We loved it & were very impressed with the facility and staff. Would go again!

Brian Earley

July 6, 2022

christina Welshans

June 24, 2022
Absolutely loved it!! Great time for the whole family. Can’t wait to go back. The dogs are so affectionate, just LOVED it!!

Nancy Fuentes

June 17, 2022
First time snowmobiling and I loved it! The scenery was my favorite part! Our tour guy was awesome, and I hate that I didn’t write down his name to give him the shootout he deserves. He even stopped multiple times to take the best pictures. I can’t wait to go back again and do both snowmobiling and dog sledding. Worth every penny ❤️

Landy Sok

May 11, 2022
Alexa was my guide. I highly recommend her!


April 18, 2022
This was one of the best adventure we have done. So glad we did! Alexa was our guide and she was great! My 9yr son was scared to mush but you can choose the difficulty: mild, medium, or spicy. Alexa got him to mush on mild terrain and he enjoyed it and was able to do 3x. My husband and other son chose spicy and they fell off the sled once. You have to slow it down before the turn and let go as you do the turn. I think my husband just didnt slow down LOL! He said it was fun! Just to reinforce safety, make sure your hands are in the sled when riding as the side can hit a tree. It happened once with my 9yo in the sled. If his hand was out, he could have gotten injured pretty badly. You mostly stay in a track they have for the dog sledding, not up the mountain along an edge like snowmobiling. the experience was really awesome. Wish we had more turns though since it is a bit pricey! March 2022

Edyta M

April 3, 2022
We had a snowmobile tour ran by Casey. My husband normally rents snowmobiles and goes on his own so he was quite apprehensive to book a “follow the leader” tour. But Casey was awesome! He let us just play around with the snowmobiles first and then we took off. It was fun and my husband got to go as fast as he could. The scenery was beautiful and the tour was an appropriate length. Oh and the beautiful Huskies were a treat!!!

Stefan Wahe

April 3, 2022
What a good time! Our family of five enjoyed our time being pulled by a pack of eight Siberian Huskies. Dog sledding through the trees along the tops of the Rockies is an amazing experience. Jesse was a great guide who made sure each of our sons had the opportunity to drive the sled (safely). It is definitely was a different and memorizable adventure.

Manuel Alejandro Diaz

April 1, 2022
The whole experience was off the hook ! I found it a bit pricey but it’s worth every single penny, I did the snowmobile tour , the scenic view at the end of the ride is beautiful. Ivan , our guide, did a great job , he explained everything, took all the safety measures and the best pictures too. All the guys were very nice, the snowmobile are brand new and very easy to ride. I would definitely do it again


March 31, 2022
We did the snowmobile tour and it is soooo worth it! Highly recommend, staff is very friendly and process overall is very easy. Amazing views and the snowmobiles are fun!

Brian Castelein

March 30, 2022
While the kids were skiing we decided to take a break and do the dog sledding tour at Good Times. Was well worth it we had a great tour guide and the dogs were great. We had plenty of time driving and riding with breaks for photos while the dogs rested.

Diane Bradley

March 30, 2022
Absolute great dog sledding ride and our guide Alexa was fabulous

James Rice

March 27, 2022
We went dog sledding and had a blast. Everyone treated us well and the dogs were awesome.

Larry Flauteros

March 24, 2022

Kristy Romans

March 20, 2022
The best experience! Grace was very knowledgeable, sweet and so kind. The owner was out working making sure everything was OK. The world’s best hot cocoa.

Cheryl Mosley (Live Fit Daily)

March 19, 2022
We had the best snow mobile tour! JD was our tour guide and made the morning both fun and adventurous. Our group ranged from ages 8-45 and everyone had a blast. The scenery was breathtaking!

steven christenson

March 19, 2022
Great time lots of fun great guide.

Mike Garven

March 14, 2022

Edward Chandler

March 11, 2022
Great place to do dog sledding. The staff is very friendly and professional.


March 10, 2022
Dog sledding was such a fun and unique experience! Loved spending time with the dogs and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Our guide was super nice and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting the area!

Justin Turner

March 10, 2022
Snowmobiling was the best part of our entire trip! The trails and views are absolutely amazing. Ivan was a great guide, and had lots of interesting info about the area. He was also a great photographer for us! We will be back for sure!

Jack Sorrells

March 9, 2022
Great tour. Thanks Zach.

Kathy Hopper

March 8, 2022
Went first thing in the morning with my 5 year old. Our guide Jeremy was incredibly patient with my kiddo as he cried and cried because of how cold it was (0 degrees 🥶). Gave him hand warmers and extra gloves. Really great time all because of his patience.

Chris Tittiger

March 8, 2022

Christine Scheuren

March 7, 2022
We had an amazing time. Our guide was amazing. The views were spectacular. The dogs were so cute and sweet.

Martin Skedel

March 4, 2022
Amazing tours via snowmobile and dog sled!

Christine Bouck

February 28, 2022
We have been here 2x. The first was in the summer when we did a kennel tour and dog “sledding” (they used a golf cart). We had so much fun that we wanted to come back to dog sled in the winter. (A pretty major endorsement since my entire family hates the cold!) The staff is amazing, patient, and very knowledgeable. I would definitely do this again. Living in CO, we get a lot of family and friends visiting. I will suggest Good Times to anyone who vacations with us in the future.


February 27, 2022
Awesome dog sledding experience!

Erik Smith (Rky.Mtn.Warlord_)

February 27, 2022
Great day snowmobiling.

Dominic Lugo

February 26, 2022
Amazing time. Stupendous staff. Beautiful views. 2hours of epicness.

Ross Solomon

February 24, 2022

Catherine McNair

February 22, 2022
Awesome experience here dogsledding this past weekend! Beautiful views, happy and healthy dogs, and great people. Kudos to Will for giving us an unforgettable tour!!

Jared Roddam

February 21, 2022
Absolutely awesome time snowmobiling with Casey as our guide! Georgia pass was incredible. The machines were as new and the facility was great. Everyone was nice and they had it all figured out. Not to long of a wait or anything. Definitely will return! Thanks again

Mohammad Baradaran Shoraka

February 19, 2022

Seth Degnan

February 19, 2022
Dog sledding was great fun!

Anel Milixa Arroyo Rios

February 19, 2022

Courtney Marmo

February 17, 2022
If you want a fun activity to do in Breckenridge you need to snowmobile, especially if you have never done it before! This company made it easy and everyone was friendly. But comparing it to a tour I took during winter in Yellowstone, this is definitely more slower speed and you are pretty much just riding through trails in the forest. If you want something faster speed probably pick a different tour. But it was a good one time thing for here!

Kara Owen

February 17, 2022
Awesome adventure, beautiful scenery, awesome guide – Craig Parsons – knowledgeable, you can tell he loves being with the dogs! Dogs were rip roaring ready to go!!

Joshua Graham

February 16, 2022
We had an amazing time with dog sledding with Good Times Tours. Our tour guide J.D. “Jeremy” was awesome. He was patient and understanding when our daughter got cold and even offered her fresh Hot Hand warmers. He was so attentive with anything we might possibly need. J.D. took the time to teach us everything we needed to know to have a safe and fun filled experience. We can’t wait to come back!!!

Chef Jack The Professional Driver

February 14, 2022
Fantastic experience as a first timer! Our guide Josh was Top Notch!

Art Frederick

February 10, 2022


February 7, 2022
Such A fun experience it was on my bucket list . it was fantastic. Great group of people that run it

Jamie Waters

February 5, 2022
Wow. What an incredible experience. This tour was so well worth the money. We both got to dive and sit in the dog sled, play with the dogs and get some great photos. The views from these trails were absolutely breathtaking! Don’t look anywhere else in breck for a great activity. Charlie, our guide was super fun and knowledgeable. He made everyone feel very comfortable and at ease on the sled. Thanks for a great time, Charlie!

Cannon Skidmore

February 3, 2022
Went dogsledding, was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Our guide Will made our day with his instructions and knowledge and funny banter would leave 100 stars if I could. Will be back!

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